Arduino Eclipse Plugin

  1. Arduino Eclipse Plugin Installation
  2. Importing Libraries and other existing code
  3. Create your own Teensy Extension File
  4. First Steps with the Blink sketch
  5. Importing Libraries and other existing code
  6. Installation of the Arduino Eclipse IDE – Teensyduino – Win 7
  7. The Eclipse Serial Monitor on Mac OSX

Other resources:

  1. Jantje’s GitHub account for the Arduino Eclipse Plugin
  2. Arduino Eclipse Plugin Thread on the Arduino Forum

This is a nice blog entry that explains why one would want to use the Arduino Eclipse IDE and what it offers over the Arduino IDE:

  1. At least from a URL level it looks like you have duplicated “Importing Libraries and other existing code” (items 2 and 5) or did I miss something?

  2. Nigel Feilden

    I am trying to install a Teensy 3.6 to Sloeber Arduino Eclipse 4.3
    I have (apparently) successfully applied Teensduino 1.8.5 to Arduino 1.8.12
    I have pointed Sloeber to ../hardware/teensy/avr – which has boards.txt and platform.txt and this allows me to select Teensy 3.6 as a board
    BUT the C/C++ preprocessor fails to find an .h file which certainly exists in the above path. Also I can’t select a port which suggests to me that it is ignoring the above boards and/or platforms file.
    Any suggestions ?

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