Lord Of The Rings

This is a rather shabby video taken with my iPad and posted directly from it. Of course I forgot to strip the audio track with the aquarium in the background but I doubt I can do that when posing directly to youtube from the from the iPad. Perhaps that provides it with some authenticity. No polished computer graphics here 😉

Now, after I have looked at the YouTube video myself I must say that the quality of the video on my iPad while still not great, is a lot better than the YouTube video. The Youtube conversion adds quite an amount of compression artifacts. When looking at the video even on the iPad it is quite clear, however, that there is some interference between the PWM control that fades the LEDs and the recording frequency of the image sensor in the iPad. Also, of course the camera software dynamically adjust the white point etc.

In combination of all these effect the video looks a little choppy. In person the fading effect is very smooth!

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  1. How can I get in contact Peter ?

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