Colorful LED lighting systems

Some time in the summer of 2011I started developing and building the LED lighting systems that will the main subject of this blog.
I use a host of software tools to develop these. For the mechanical parts of these systems I use Alibre Design Pro and Eagle for PCB development. Not enough good can be said about the wonderful open source hard and software world of Arduino embedded microcontrollers. Without these this would not have been possible. To visualize my ideas before I build an actual prototype the open software 3D graphics suite Blender and the unbiased render engine Indigo Renderer have proven to be invaluable. The banner on the front page for example is not a photograph but a computer generated rendering.

Now, having just said that, someone could just suspect that all the imagery on this blog is computer generated, so here is a real photo of the LED lighting system shown in the banner graphics. I took the photo with my iPad just before I sat down to write this first blog. The photo is amateurish enough that there is no mistaking it is a photo of the real thing 😉


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  1. Hi Dad, this is cool. I’m looking at the real thing now…!

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