Arduino Eclipse Plugin – Other Resources

I have added a new menu entry in the Arduino Eclipse Plugin section called Other Resources

This should help when questions arise that I cannot answer. Many questions can be answered on the Arduino forum thread for the Plugin. Should you find a bug or unusual behavior of the plugin it may be a good idea to open a new issue on the GitHub site for the plugin.

The third link (so far) is to a blog post that is written by an experienced programmer and explains very nicely why one would use the Plugin over the Arduino IDE.

Last but not least I have discovered on my own iPad that selecting the Wordpress submenus is very cumbersome. Now when selecting the Arduino Eclipse Plugin menu entry the resulting page contains the links to the sub-pages that can normally be reached by using the menu.

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  1. hi sir,
    I installed it ,but i want to make GUI application in eclipse juno tp control arduino , is it possible sir?, if okay, then how can i achieve sir?. Help me

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