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  1. Hello,

    I can’t find any contact info in the site so forgive me for using the comment section. I’m Algen, I work with engineering website EEWeb and would love to have your website featured as a site of the day on EEWeb. Is this of interest to you?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  2. Hi Mr trippylighting , i just want to ask if the arduino IDE is compatible for any types of arduino ? thanks for your feedbck 🙂

  3. Hello I’m wondering if you can help me with the touchosc arduino code.I have modified it very slightly to be able to toggle one relay on and off but I would like to to the same on another 3 relays but cannot work out how to copy the code in the same sketch but make the other 3 toggle on different osc messages.



  4. Hi, would you be able to email me to help? I can send the code via that as well. jakewallenda@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks so much!

  5. Hello,
    I was also wondering if you could help me.
    I tried your bonjour library on an arduino, but I can’t get it working.
    I am using an Arduino mega with a W5100 ethernetshield.
    IP connectivity should be OK since I can ping the Arduino with its bonjour name (in the example arduino.local).
    With a bonjour APP on my android I am able to discover a lot of services. If I try these services on the arduino I have no luck.
    Goal is :
    The Arduino should discover a MQTT service and automatically subscribe on it.

    • Hi Ignace,

      The first thing to try is to register a MQTT service and see if you can discover that using your Android app.
      The original documentation for the library is here. If you scroll down to the last section called “Notes a.k.a. Things you should know” it explains that service registration works very reliably but service discovery does not due to the complexity go the network.

      I’ve been able to discover al the services here on my home network. But that has mostly Apple computers and devices including the router.

  6. Oliver Scott

    Hi, I’m looking for a tutor to talk through basics of F360, was wondering whether you could help? I can pay £20 an hour. Please email at opscott7@aol.co.uk. Thanks!

    • Hi Oliver, I am an Autodesk Expert Elite with Fusion 360. If worked with computer graphics, rendering 3D modeling and CAD for almost 3 decades professionally. My hourly rate is US$50 and worth every penny 😉

  7. Hi, Dave here. I am an origami artist and need guidance on making “Backlit Shadow Boxes” for origami tessellations. I think you might agree they are “Trippy” :). Also, my team and I are very adept with CAD stuff. I stumbled on your site in a post for Fusion360 > Blender for rendering models for use in making “Spinnable” models for some products we design. For that, thank you! Somehow, Blender is always the solution, hehe. Anyway, I have been researching backlighting origami tessellations. I would love to get any insights that you might have. This page http://www.makeart.studio/page12.html has some details on some of our “Collaborators”. The form wouldn’t take my http://www.makeart.studio address, so I used the older http://www.flexigon.com address (FYI).

    • Hi Dave, I am not sure what insights you are looking for. It all depends on what you are looking for in your artwork. Just steady illumination, or fading? Monochromatic or color-changing? How large are the objects and how transparent are they?
      Do you want to illuminate the outside or the inside ?
      In the case of my lamps, they all required designing custom electronics and software to get exactly the effect I was looking for. For simple static backlighting, you can get away with an LED strip. If your origami papers are colored and retaining true color is important, then look for LEDs with high CRI (Color Rendering Index)

  8. Hi!

    Gabriel here. I need some help with some reverse engineering in Fusion 360. Would you be available for a [hopefully quick] one on one?

  9. milesbartholomewgibbons

    Hi Peter,

    I’m looking for help on a specific fusion 360 project and tutoring around it. I’m beginner to intermediate level I’d say.
    If it’s at all possible to get your help (obviously compensated) please email me milesbartholomewgibbons@gmail.com

  10. milesbartholomewgibbons

    Hi Peter,

    I’m looking for some tutoring help for fusion 360 for a specific project and in general. I’d say I’m between beginner and intermediate.
    If you still tutor, and have time to take me on for a couple of hours per week kinda thing, that would be amazing.
    Let me know milesbartholomewgibbons@gmail.com

  11. Hi Peter,
    Do you still tutor Fusion privately? If so I’d be interested.
    -John 720-369-6888

  12. Hello Peter,

    I need help copying from a drawing I was sent to a drawing I am making in Fusion 360. I have watched the videos, and it does not paste.

    I have access to a 3 axis Tormach pcnc 1100. I want to try to make some disability aids to get some disabled people working from home. I am a disabled Health and Radiation/Nuclear Physicist.


  13. Hey Peter! I saw one of your posts on the Autodesk forum and with a name like trippy lighting I had to dig further. I just started seriously focusing on pursuing my passion for architectural & artistic lighting and your story has been inspiring. I have stacks of sketchbooks from 20 years of ideas, but have been too busy professionally to get back to my creative roots. I’m at day 3 with learning Fusion 360 (or any CAD for that matter) so it might take me a few years (maybe decades) to get to expert elite level, but hopefully one day someone will take a look at the history of my new company, Visionary Studios, and feel the same inspiration you’ve given me. Thanks!!


  14. Hello Dear Peter,

    I am trying to learn Fusion 360 and wonder if you still tutoring privately. I have asked some questions on the Autodesk Forum before and the answers you gave were so much helpful. I would be very appreciated if you could help me with my learning process.

    Best Regards,
    Sabah Petek

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